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Developing and training qualified technicians and tradespersons in our business is of paramount importance. Not only must they understand the technology and operation of a particular system, but they must be able to physically install the system skillfully and in a safe manner. An in-depth understanding of commercial and residential construction must be learned, along with building and safety codes.

Training must be provided which meets provincial, industry and manufacturers standards. In this regard we are very involved in the Ontario apprenticeship program. We have trained many apprentices over the years, seeing them through to qualified journeypersons.

Our achievements in this regard have been recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) in an invitation for our president Barry Roberts to sit on the Provincial Advisory Committee for the trade, advising the provincial government on the policies which affect the electrical trade, the setting of curriculum for apprentice training, etc. Barry sat on that committee for several years.

Investing in our employees with this level and expense of training serves to underline the extreme importance of the retention of our personnel and of promotion from within. As an example, our Roberts Electric senior supervisor actually started with us as an apprentice and has advanced to his position over a time period of more than seventeen years.



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